With this photo story BCOME would like to share with you the making-of of the DON SUSHERO, a new restaurant in Bogota, Colombia, with a Japanese Latin influenced Street Food style. Working on the corporate identity was a lot of fun, powered by the delicious food of Sebastian Baeza @cookingnow, the creative chef and head behind DON SUSHERO. この写真のストーリでBCOMEは和風ラテンストリートフードスタイルの新たなボゴタのコロンビアにあるレストランドンスシェロのメーキングオフを紹介をしたいと思います。グラフィックデザインの仕事はとても楽しかった。。。特にSebastian Baeza @cookingnowの美味しい食べ物を試す時に。彼はレストランのシェフとクリエティブなオーナー様です。 Con esta historia fotográfica BCOME quiere compartir con ustedes el ‘making-of’ de DON SUSHERO, un nuevo restaurante en Bogotá, […]


BCOME a SUNAH uniform

Its always great to see when ideas BCOME reality like this logo for SUNAH.

BCOME_NEWS_La Susheria
BCOME_NEWS_La Susheria

LA SUSHERIA BCOMEs the new delicious spot in town

After creating the corporate identity of LA SUSHERIA, a latino fusion Sushi restaurant in Bogotá, now this new delicious spot in town is welcoming all food lovers.



Today we would like to introduce to you one of the latest logo designs we have done. COTABI is a Colombian hotel chain, inspired by the idea of the traditional Japanese Ryokan (hotel). Check out COTABI on the BCOME portfolio or the COTABI website. 本日新たなロゴデザインの紹介をしたいと思います。COTABI は日本の伝統的な旅館に着想を得たコロンビアのホテルチェーンです。 是非 COTABI をBCOMEのポルトフォリオや COTABI のウェッブサイトでご覧下さい。

BCOME_NEWS logos talk II


Before this year is ending, we would like to share some news with you : Some of the BCOME logos got introduced in “LOGOS TALK II“. This Chinese Design magazin says about itself  “Logos Talk II” offers an incredibly diverse collection of visual trademarks, enabling instant communication between consumers and businesses, creating a unique impact through easily identifiable pictorial representation. In a visual world, logos convey ideas without the need for words; imprinting themselves simply in a rapidly changing, corporate […]

Northerly Medical


We are happy to present the new logo for Northerly Medical, a Japanese company providing medical devices and services for patients suffering from respiratory deseases or sleeping disorders,receiving treatment at home in the northern Japanese prefecture Hokkaido. The logo shows the abstract shape of Hokkaido as well as the silhouette of a house, referring to the location and the special service of the company. With the Japanese colour Koke 苔色 こけいろ the design relates to Hokkaidos traditional proximity to nature. […]


Identity | Nihon Ichiban

NIHON ICHIBAN offers international products in online shops. The original logo designed by BCOME refers with its different colours to the national flags.   NIHON ICHIBAN はオンラインショップで海外の商品を販売しています。BCOMEがデザインしたオリジナルロゴは、国旗に合わせた、様々な色があります。

WORK_Genki Clinic

Identity | Genki Clinic

GENKI CLINIC treats its patients based on the principles of oriental medicine, acupuncture and shiatsu. BCOME treated the GENKI CLINIC with a new logo design and we are happy to introduce you to this new project. We abstracted the characters “元気” (Genki, meaning “strengh, well-being” in Japanese), building a shape resembling old Chinese symbols in the style of tcm (traditional Chinese medicine). The “メ” from the Kanji “気” is turned into a cross, allegorizing the “clinic”. GENKI CLINIC は東洋医学をベースに鍼や指圧などの治療を行うクリニックです。BCOMEはGENKI CLINICの為に新たなロゴデザインと創って、今紹介を出来るのが幸いです。 “元気”という文字を古い中国の書体に似せてデザインし、さらに“気”の“メ”部分を赤十字に見立て、クリニックを表現しています。

WORK_Jorge Akimoto

Identity | Jorge Akimoto Fotografia

Happily we would like to introduce you to one of the latest BCOME projects, for JORGE AKIMOTO an Brasilian photographer with Japanese roots. The logo shows a combination of an abstract lense, also deduced from the Japanese Katakana character “ア (A)”, and the name “Akimoto” – thus BCOMEing a logo with a little allusion to Japanese and the profession of our client. Check it out on the BCOME portfolio for more information! ホルヘ・アキモト氏は日系ブラジル人のカメラマンです。 ロゴは、抽象化されたカメラのレンズと、名前のイニシャルであるカタカナの“ア” を組み合わせて、クライアントの職業と日本との関連をさりげなく示唆しています。是非 BCOME のポートフォリオをご覧下さい。