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Identity | Genki Clinic

GENKI CLINIC treats its patients based on the principles of oriental medicine, acupuncture and shiatsu. BCOME treated the GENKI CLINIC with a new logo design and we are happy to introduce you to this new project. We abstracted the characters “元気” (Genki, meaning “strengh, well-being” in Japanese), building a shape resembling old Chinese symbols in the style of tcm (traditional Chinese medicine). The “メ” from the Kanji “気” is turned into a cross, allegorizing the “clinic”. GENKI CLINIC は東洋医学をベースに鍼や指圧などの治療を行うクリニックです。BCOMEはGENKI CLINICの為に新たなロゴデザインと創って、今紹介を出来るのが幸いです。 “元気”という文字を古い中国の書体に似せてデザインし、さらに“気”の“メ”部分を赤十字に見立て、クリニックを表現しています。